Your brand in the palm of a million hands

Everyday, more and more users are connecting to the internet through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They open apps, play around with video games or explore new content. With new opportunities literally in the palm of  millions of hands, brands must be on the lookout for the right time and place to become part of the mobile experience. If your looking to develop a custom app or expanding your influence by advertising in an existing one, TictAds is the best option to find where and how to deploy your brand on mobiles.

App development for mobile phones and tablets

Create an app that puts your brand in permanent contact with your costumers. We develop playful, educational, informative and, above all, interactive apps. Get your clients to engage with your brand and increase loyalty.

Mobile web site development and adaptation.

Not every web site is prepared for 3-inch screens. Images scale out of proportion, text becomes unreadable and user experience is down right negative.

This can be avoided by optimizing your website for mobile navigation which will prevent any drawbacks.

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Get your message across with mobile websites and apps
  • Mobile E-Commerce

You already sell your products in your store and throughout the web… it’s time to sell on mobile devices.