Aim your campaign to target new consumers.

Nowadays, search engine visibility is essential for scoring new potential clients and as such deserves any business’ special attention. On the other hand, a successful graphic ad campaign with specific interest segmentation and remarketing techniques allows results to be optimized for branding purposes such as lead campaigns, subscriptions and sales.

Our permanent collaboration with Google warranties our constant attention and commitment to new products and advanced management techniques.

In TictAds we don’t apply one-size-fits-all formulas for account optimization. We specifically research each business client (and their competition) and we develop a full and versatile advertising plan to define the best approach to success.

Our services include:

Reveal yourself to any clients looking for your products or services. Don’t miss out on a deal because of poor exposure!

  • Individual keyword analysis: we use several market research tools and techniques to attain insight on the best advertising options.
  • Landing page customization: stop sending every click to your homepage! Get each click to direct your clients through your webpage and towards your goal.
  • Ad-variation testing: we create tens of variations of each ad and we mesure their effectiveness. Once we identify the most effective one, we use it to create new and improved variations. This evolution process creates more relevant ads, reeling in more clients.
  • Search term review: we block any search terms that yield low results so you don’t waste your budget on poor advertising.
  • Web site or account automation for speedy error detection.
  • Smartphone and mobile device customization, with special location and calling extensions that allow clients to easily find your store or call you with just a click.
  • Remarketing: stitch some code in your website to target your visitors throughout the internet with specific ads. This campaigns seek to build up user’s loyalty and are up to five times more effective than traditional display network campaigns.
  • Advanced techniques: we adjust to user’s web navigation habits and personalize ads to produce the most relevant results possible. We take into account recently visited products and different ad variations according to the latest site visits.
  • Geographically enhanced advertising: we create specific country-wide and city-wide campaigns, giving a global or local edge to your business as needed.
  • Segmentation by interests: your ads will only appear in web sites related to your business’ category which means more clicks and a cheaper budget.
  • Animated and interactive ads: enhance your brand’s user experience.

Stay up to date with our periodical reports and keep track of our efforts on your account. It’s our transparency warranty.