Transform your website into a real online community


Social Login

Practicality and usability at your user’s reach

Make it easy for users to register in your community through this simple one-click tool. Social Login allows users to connect to a community or digital space with their previously established accounts from other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paypal and others.


• A lot of people are fed up with filling long contact sheets to register on a web site. Social Login makes it happen in seconds and with almost no information needed.

• Allow your users to enhance their web experience by facilitating access to their social network accounts.

• The login information can be stored and sorted in a data management base for easy and comprehensible access and administration, no matter what social network is being used for registration.

• Access a wide variety of user information like age, gender, activities and preferences to improve your content offer.

• Social Login puts an end to nightmares of forgotten user names and passwords to your favorite websites.
• Reduce costs to your community and enhance user experience.

Game Mechanics

Generate loyalty and increase your users potencial

Our social sites are ready to implement Game Mechanics that allow you to reward and encourage members of the online community to intervene and contribute. Stimulate your users to true collaborators in your community through a scoring system or a medal or trophy reward framework

Define rewards for specific actions in your community

  • Game mechanics are 100% customizable. As an administrator you get to choose when to reward a member of the community.
  • Give them a promotion, bestow medals and trophies, or concede points for each action that benefits the community; whether it’s a simple post comment, sharing content on other social media, rating a video, etc.

Transform your community into a big game

Make it so every corner of your digital space encourages your users to raise their scores or upgrade their ranks promoting constant colaboration through our Gamification plugins.

  • Ranking tables: show the community who leads in the scoreboard giving the leaders a great personal satisfaction and introducing a desire for everyone else to step up their game.
  • Custom profiles: display users’ ranks and achieved goals next to their profile. Persuade visitors to become part of the game and give them an easy way in with Social Login.
  • Notify of new goals and achievements: flash a special notice in front of a member’s eyes when goals are completed and new ones are unlocked.
  • The road to full membership: defy community members by setting new goals that allow them to surpass themselves and give them a chance to accomplish every objective.
  • Spread the word!: every new achievement will show in each user’s feed, instantly broadcasting the news to their contacts. This will increase your visibility and traffic by reaching new potential users.

Opinions and Comments

Go from soloist to full symphonic orchestra

The only way to have a community is if their members actively participate, exchanging ideas and getting information across. Add commentary capabilities to your site under each post and page thanks to a fully integrated tool. Among other things, members of your community will:

  • Comment using their social network accounts, among others.
  • Publish their comments on the site and through social networks.
  • Chat with other community collaborators.

The community itself will be benefited by:

  • More traffic.
  • Improved search engine visibility.
  • Commentary moderation and rejection to prevent the nature of your community to be compromised.

Photo albums and videos

A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Sharing photos and videos has become part of the new social paradigm and allows members of a community to express and get to know each other on a whole new level
  • With photo upload manager upload multiple pictures at the same time and with just a few clicks.
  • Show users estimated upload time with an integrated progress bar.
  • Don’t deteriorate design quality. Images are scaled to any desired size with our photo upload manager. Establish community parameters and get the same results all around.

Tag, classify and keep it organized

Allow users to tag friends and outstandig members of the community on uploaded images. A notification will let everyone know when they’re tagged.

  • Anything uploaded will be kept in a special order determined by the administrator for easy handling and navigation.